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Saudi Vision 2030: A closer look at PIF’s role in driving Saudi’s economic transformation

The Public Investment Fund is a sovereign wealth fund established by the Saudi government

In Saudi Arabia, the Public Investment Fund (PIF) has emerged as a vital force driving the diversification and development of the country’s economy, under its ambitious ‘Vision 2030’. With a clear vision, the PIF has embarked on a journey to become one of the world’s most significant sovereign wealth funds.

The Public Investment Fund Program was launched in 2017 to strengthen the role of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) in diversifying the Kingdom’s economy and developing strategic sectors.

It aims to make PIF one of the largest sovereign wealth funds globally and establish economic partnerships to enhance Brand Saudi’s global impact. In this article, we will delve into the critical aspects of the PIF and explore its considerable role in shaping the Kingdom’s economic future.

Overview Of The PIF

The PIF is a sovereign wealth fund established by the Saudi government. Its primary objective is to enhance the Kingdom’s economic and investment sustainability by driving strategic investments and initiatives. Since its inception, the PIF has been pivotal in realizing the goals outlined in ‘Vision 2030’.

The program has four main objectives. First of them is launching and supporting local non-oil sectors, followed by developing real estate projects, initiating major infrastructure projects and last but not least, diversifying PIF’s global assets

Since its launch, the program has successfully increased PIF’s assets, generated higher returns, established local companies, and launched national projects, leading to job creation and increased contribution to the Kingdom’s non-oil GDP.

In the next phase, the program aims to double PIF’s assets, become a preferred investment partner, and empower the private sector. It plans to invest a minimum of SAR 150 billion annually in the local economy until 2025, increase local content to 60%, create over 1.8 million jobs, and contribute SAR 1.2 trillion to the non-oil GDP by the end of 2025.

Driving Economic Transformation

The PIF Program catalyzes economic transformation. It aims to maximize the impact of the fund’s investments by focusing on specific strategic sectors. These sectors include establishing and supporting local businesses, developing real estate projects, and initiating major national projects. By investing in these sectors, the PIF stimulates economic growth, creates employment opportunities, and contributes to the non-oil gross domestic product (GDP).

As of the end of Q1 2022, the PIF has amassed an impressive asset under management (AUM) of 620 billion USD. This substantial AUM showcases the strength and impact of the PIF’s investment portfolio, solidifying its position as a prominent global player in the sovereign wealth fund landscape.

These achievements also highlight the PIF’s commitment to fostering economic diversification, driving innovation, and generating significant socioeconomic benefits for the Kingdom. With its strategic investments and unwavering dedication, the PIF continues to shape the Kingdom’s future and contribute to its long-term prosperity.

Ambitious Goals

The PIF Program has set ambitious goals to strengthen its position as a global investment powerhouse. It aims to double its assets under management, making it one of the largest sovereign wealth funds worldwide. Additionally, the PIF seeks to establish regional and global economic partnerships, deepening Saudi’s impact and influence on the global stage.

The PIF has strategically focused on 13 key sectors, driving innovation and promoting technology, energy, tourism, and finance growth, among others.

Empowering The Private Sector

A vital component of the PIF’s strategy is empowering the Kingdom’s private sector. By committing to injecting a significant amount of capital into the local economy annually until 2025, the PIF aims to foster the growth of new local projects. This infusion of funds not only spurs innovation and entrepreneurship but also generates employment opportunities, ultimately contributing to the overall development of Saudi Arabia.

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) has achieved remarkable milestones in its journey towards economic transformation. One of its significant achievements is the creation of 77 PIF companies, which have contributed to various sectors of the economy.

Investing In Human Capital

Recognizing the importance of human capital, the PIF Program is committed to creating millions of jobs by 2025. In addition, it strives to raise the percentage of local content in the PIF and its affiliates, aiming for a target of 60%. The PIF seeks to nurture a skilled workforce, boost productivity, and create a sustainable economic ecosystem through these initiatives.

Through its investments and initiatives, the PIF has played a pivotal role in creating over 500,000 direct and indirect jobs, providing employment opportunities, and supporting economic development across the Kingdom.


The Public Investment Fund (PIF) is at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation, driving diversification and spearheading strategic investments. With its ambitious goals and steadfast commitment, the PIF is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds.

By empowering the private sector, investing in human capital, and forging strong economic partnerships, the PIF is pivotal in shaping Saudi Arabia’s future and solidifying its position in the global economy. As we witness the ongoing success of the PIF, it is evident that its impact will continue to be felt for years to come, paving the way for a prosperous and thriving Saudi Arabia.

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