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Emoji reactions in Gmail on Android devices: All you need to know

Touch and hold the emoji you want to check to see who responded to an email

Google has at last made it possible for Android devices to reply to emails using emojis. The capability will progressively become available to web and iOS users over the following months, starting with Android users.

In an update, Google said, “On your Android device, express yourself and quickly respond to emails with emojis. In Gmail, you can find the emoji reaction option on each message.”

This is how it functions. Launch the Gmail app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

“Open a message you want to reply to. Below the message, tap Add emoji reaction Insert emoji. From the picker, select an emoji you want to use. To display more emoji, select More. The emoji you select appears at the bottom of the email,” Google noted.

Touch and hold the emoji you want to check to see who responded to an email. Tap the reaction chip that already has the reaction that someone else added to the email to reuse it.

After adding an emoji reaction, you have between 5 and 30 seconds to remove it, depending on your Gmail “Undo Send” settings.

Tap Undo in the notification area at the bottom of your message to reverse an emoji reaction. According to Google, you can only modify the “Undo Send” time on your computer.

However, there are some limitations when sending emojis.

Emoji reactions cannot be used with your work or school accounts.

Additionally, the emoji reactions won’t be available if the message is sent to a group email list, to more than 20 recipients, or if you’ve been bcc’d, among a few other situations.

Most significantly, if you’ve already sent more than 20 reactions to a message, you won’t be able to react to that message.

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