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Threads desktop version arrives as app battles plummeting user count

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated that the users will be able to log in to their Threads account, apart from making posts via their browsers

Even as the tech world continues buzzing over the much-anticipated cage fight between Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg and X (rebranded Twitter) chief Elon Musk, Meta’s text-based social media app Threads has now come up with its desktop version which can be accessed via the web link.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, while confirming the news to media, stated that the users will be able to log in to their Threads account, apart from making posts via their browsers.

The overall layout of the web version looks similar to the web.

“At first, Threads on the web was essentially a glorified way to look at somebody’s profile — you couldn’t even like or reshare a post even though the web app included the buttons to do so. (If you click them, Threads will show you a QR code to download the mobile app.) The new desktop web interface looks a lot like the one in the mobile app, though with some small differences; the navigation icons are on the top of the page, and to switch between the For You and Following feeds, you’ll click a button in the bottom-left corner,” said a report on The Verge, which reviewed the product.

However, the web version doesn’t let its users edit their profiles or send a post to Instagram DMs from the web. Also, there is no notification dot on the heart icon and the users can’t quote the post.

Talking about Threads, after its launch in July 2023 and witnessing a fast 100 million sign-ups, the app is witnessing a massive dip in daily active users. The reason behind this has been the reported absence of features like keyword searches, trends, and a dedicated direct message (DM) functionality.

Engagement with the social media app is down 79% from a high of 2.3 million active users in early July to 576,000 as of 7 August, according to the digital intelligence platform Similarweb.

Also as per reports, large American companies like the fast food chain Wendy’s, the clothing store Anthropologie and makeup line Rare Beauty, have all decreased their social media engagements on Threads.

Also, Threads has still not been released in Europe as Meta takes steps to launch a product that will comply with European Union regulators’ stringent user privacy requirements and the Digital Services Act (DSA) rules.

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