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X will soon offer video & audio calls: Elon Musk

Elon Musk highlighted that X is the effective global address book, which is unique

Elon Musk, the owner of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now rebranded as X, announced recently that X will soon offer video and audio calling features, as part of its plan to become an “everything app”.

The billionaire revealed in his post that the calling features would be available on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC systems, without requiring a phone number.

Elon Musk also highlighted that X is the “effective global address book,” which is unique.

Last month, Elon Musk and his newly hired CEO, Linda Yaccarino, announced their plan to transform X into an “everything app” inspired by China’s WeChat, which would allow users to socialize and manage their finances.

In addition to this, X’s payment branch, Twitter Payments LLC, was granted a currency transmitter license from the US state of Rhode Island, allowing it to engage in cryptocurrency-related activities, such as exchanges, wallets, and payment processors.

This move will allow X to securely store, transfer, and facilitate the exchange of digital assets on behalf of its users.

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter last October, the platform’s advertising business has collapsed, as marketers soured on his management style and mass firings that gutted content moderation.

In response, the tycoon has moved towards building a subscriber base and pay model in a search for new revenue. However, many users and advertisers have responded adversely to the site’s new charges for previously free services, as well as its changes to content moderation and the return of previously banned far-right accounts.

Elon Musk also replaced Twitter’s blue bird logo with a white X to reflect its new identity.

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