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Huawei launches eco-friendly 5G network at the Better World Summit in Dubai

The Greensite solution integrates innovative architecture, site construction, and algorithms with leading-edge software

During the Better World Summit in Dubai, Huawei launched an eco-friendly 5G network, according to media reports. Aaron Jiang, President of Huawei’s SRAN Product Line launched the GreenSite and PowerStar2.0 solutions that will help operators build green, low-carbon 5G networks in the emirate.

The Greensite solution will integrate innovative architecture, site construction, and algorithms along with leading-edge software and hardware which will help to improve energy efficiency by 20 times.

Additionally, the PowerStar2.0 network will introduce new intelligent energy-saving features to base stations and networks. This will help reduce energy consumption by over 25 percent through multi-dimensional coordination under typical configurations.

Bob Cai, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei’s Carrier Business Group told the media, “With our innovative products and solutions, we will help operators cut carbon emissions and make their networks more energy efficient. We also want to work with operators and use ICT to better enable other industries to cut carbon emissions and become carbon neutral faster. Right now the ICT industry enables other industries, like coal mining, like ports, like manufacturing. ICT can make a great contribution to these industries to not only improve efficiency but to bring green solutions to realise carbon neutrality”.

Cai also described how Huawei deployed technologies such as 5G, IoT and cloud to industries such as agriculture, where it improves the management of farmland. Huawei has also started its operations in Switzerland where they work with partners where they used 5G to control drones that are used to inspect crops.

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