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Will artificial intelligence replace jobs or help employees in UAE?

Around 42% of workers in the UAE say artificial intelligence would create opportunities for them to acquire valuable skills

Employees around the world have long viewed artificial intelligence (AI) as a threat. However, this is no longer the case as many see this new-age technology as an enabler and productive rather than a threat.

More than a third of 39% of employees in the United Arab Emirates expressed a positive view of artificial intelligence and recognized its potential to increase productivity in the workplace, while 42% of workers in the UAE say artificial intelligence would create opportunities for them to acquire valuable skills, according to the Middle East Workforce Hopes and Fears 2023 survey published by PwC.

As employees in the UAE begin to adopt and use artificial intelligence in their roles, workers’ confidence in using new technologies is growing and they see it as more beneficial in terms of their career development.

Meanwhile, a majority of employees, around 52%, in the region believe their jobs will change significantly over the next five years and they will need to acquire new skills and abilities.

In order to improve their chances of getting a job, recruiters are advising job seekers to write resumes that are easy to read and searchable for artificial intelligence-powered software. Also, they are advising candidates to add keywords relevant to the role that AI selects.

“It has always been important for candidates applying for roles in this region to ensure that their CV reflects the appropriate qualities for a role they are applying for, and with artificial intelligence-powered tools being utilised by recruiters and HR professionals to automate CV screening, it’s more important than ever,” Ian Pollington, associate director, Michael Page Middle East said, Zawya reported.

“They should also focus on presenting their skills and experiences clearly and concisely. By doing so, they can increase the chances of their CVs being noticed and selected by artificial intelligence-powered systems during the initial screening process,” he added.

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