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Over 41,000 Saudi citizens join private sector jobs

A net increase in citizen jobs of 13,084 was reported in the observatory's monthly bulletin for November

The National Labour Observatory has released data showing that in the last month of November, up to 41,028 Saudi citizens started working in the private sector for the first time.

A net increase in citizen jobs of 13,084 was reported in the observatory’s monthly bulletin for November.

The private sector employs 10,879,375 people overall as of November, according to the report, which shows a consistent rise in the number of jobs being created in the industry.

Based on the report, there were 2,311,318 people employed in the private sector in November. Of them, 1,368,670 were men and 942,648 were women. However, 8,568,057 foreign workers—8,239,563 men and 328,494 women—were employed in the private sector overall.

The monthly report examined the total number of people employed in the private sector, the proportion of male and female citizens as well as expatriates, the net increase in American jobs in November, and the number of people who joined the sector recently.

Notably, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development oversees the National Labour Observatory, which produces reports and publications, such as the “Overview of the Labour Market in the Private Sector” publication, that review indices and statistics regularly. This monthly publication reviews significant historical data and figures.

Meanwhile, according to the labour authorities in the Kingdom, a worker in the private sector in Saudi Arabia is capable of performing two jobs simultaneously.

“Private sector employees are allowed to combine two jobs,” the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources said, Gulf News reported.

The ministry further stated that in such a situation, it is advisable to review the employee’s employment contract and the employing establishment’s bylaws to make sure there are no clauses prohibiting the holding of two jobs. Saudi Arabia has worked to improve the competitiveness and appeal of its labour market in recent years.

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