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Seven Tips for writing engaging listings for your rental property

You don't need to be an expert in social media to create one that will generate interest in your property

Over 80% of renters use the internet to look for new houses and flats to rent. What does this mean for landlords who own properties? Landlords and real estate investors who want their properties to be prominent must create marketable listings suitable for the internet.

Your listings must be visually appealing, dynamic, and adaptable across several platforms, as well as specifically tailored to your target market. It’s difficult to create the ideal online listing.

However, you don’t need to be an expert in social media to create one that will generate interest in your property. Here are seven suggestions for creating compelling online rental property listings:

Add Personality
Take a moment to imagine that you are a potential tenant wanting to rent an apartment. On websites like Zillow or, you are looking through hundreds of listings. Which one grabs your attention?

If you advertise your listing on well-known listing websites like these two, it must stand out from dozens of other comparable properties. One way to do this is to add personality to your listings.

For example, try using unique headlines or high-quality photographs. For tenants to get in touch with you, make sure to leave your name, phone number, and email address. Including your contact info signals your personal willingness to engage with prospective tenants personally.

Best Feature First
Mentioning the best feature first is another technique to make sure that your properties stand out. Internet scrollers are not known for having the longest attention spans, anyone advertising online should organize the information in their listing accordingly.

Don’t wait until the end of your listing to reveal that the property has a lovely balcony, an island kitchen, or a prime location. Whatever the selling point of your rental is, start mentioning these features first. In this manner, potential renters will be motivated to click on and read more about your listing.

You can even put these features directly in the headline. Here is a formula for your headline that conveys all relevant and engaging information for the readers: Price—beds and baths, type of property, location, and best feature.

Be Brief & Direct
Prospective renters aren’t likely to read through blocks of text to find out if a property is worth their time. Instead, they will scan the headlines for properties that meet their basic requirements—the number of beds, the kind of property, and the location.

Renters will move on if they can’t find this information within a reasonable period of time. That is why it’s crucial to include all the relevant information in the headline and other vital details right after.

Direct Viewers With Links
You can use hyperlinks to direct renters to your company website from listing websites. When creating your listings, use links carefully by choosing where to draw potential renters’ attention next. For instance, use links to drive renters toward your other properties, properties in the same area, or properties with a comparable price range.

Mention Pet- & Environment-Friendly Policies
Renters are always looking for rentals with policies that suit their lifestyles. Pet owners are rarely willing to give up their animals and are therefore likely to limit their search to just pet-friendly homes. If you accept pets, indicate this feature upfront.

Likewise, if you share similar beliefs, renters who care about green efforts and policies will be attracted to your rentals. By promoting your recycling options, environmentally friendly appliances, or other sustainable features, you can attract renters who are concerned about environmental protection.

Use Listing Syndication
The simplest way to advertise your properties on as many websites is through listing syndication.

Using a property management software product that has this feature is one of the best ways to syndicate your listings. This is how it goes: You just create one listing on the platform for your property. Once this listing has been created, your software application will immediately submit it to a variety of rental listing websites, including Zillow, Cozy, Facebook Marketplace,, and even Airbnb or VRBO for short-term rentals.

Emphasize Your Competitive Price
For many renters, high rent costs are a deal-breaker. However, the most expensive rentals demand premium prices because they provide features or advantages that other, comparable properties do not.

Focus on the reasons why your rental fee is reasonable in comparison to those of nearby properties that are similar while crafting your listings. Your unit doesn’t have to be cheap to attract attention, but it does have to be comparable to nearby alternatives.

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