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Instagram rolls out Threads web version amid usage dip

Threads has been frustratingly lacking a web version ever since it was introduced

Meta-owned Instagram began to roll out the web version of its Threads platform, which is battling to survive due to steadily declining traffic.

According to the social media site, desktop users of Threads will be able to post, see their feed, and respond to comments.

“The Threads team is working to add more features to bring the web app on par with mobile over the coming weeks,” TechCrunch report said.

Users of Thread on the desktop won’t be able to make changes to their profile or send a thread to Instagram DMs.

Recently, Instagram head Adam Mosseri teased “We’re close on web”.

In response to a user’s post, Adam Mosseri said, “Desktop web will happen long before foldable support. We’re close on web and not working on foldables.”

An early web version has been tested “internally” for a week or two, according to Adam Mosseri, but it still “needs some work” before being made widely available.

Meta’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg had earlier this month stated that the web version would be available in “the next few weeks.”

Threads has been frustratingly lacking a web version ever since it was introduced.

Threads experienced a consistent decrease in popularity following its peak of approximately 50,000 daily active users worldwide on Android devices in early July. Presently, its user base has settled at around 10 million.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that more than 10 million individuals became part of the social media application within a span of seven hours since its launch on July 5th.

According to market intelligence data provider Sensor Tower, Threads achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the most downloaded non-game app on its debut day in the past ten years. It amassed over 100 million users before its subsequent decline started.

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